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What’s Galaxy Wallet?

Galaxy Wallet is a cryptoasset management platform that provides a secure and professional storage solution, as well as a wide range of value-added services to users worldwide. The wallet’s Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) structure allows users to have full control over the management of numerous cryptoassets and to access a plethora of exceptional DApps. On top of that, the platform’s success will be shared with users through a reward distribution scheme to create a virtuous and mutually beneficial ecosystem with the cryptocurrency community.

About Galaxy Wallet



  • What is Galaxy Coin Wallet?

    Galaxy Coin Wallet is BIP 38 and BIP 44 compliant hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallet. Wallets are generated from a mnemonic phrase, and only the users have control over the private keys. Multiple blockchains and their tokens are supported, providing an all-in-one solution.
    Other BIP 38 and BIP 44 compliant wallets can be imported into the Galaxy Coin Wallet.

  • What is Galaxy Coin Lending?

    Galaxy Coin Lending currently offers collateralized lending; users can apply for loans by using their digital assets as collateral
    Decentralized lending is under development, giving our users even more options.

  • What is Galaxy Coin OTC?

    Galaxy Coin OTC provides decentralized and centralized trading options. Decentralized trading is done wallet to wallet, without going through any centralized authorities.
    Users can choose from a wide range of fiat currencies and payment options
    Decentralized trading reduces users’ over-reliance on centralized platforms.

  • What is Galaxy DApp Platform?

    Galaxy Dapp platform is a portal to an ever-growing list of Dapps in the EOS and Ethereum ecosystem. It opens up access to a myriads of essential blockchain services such a trading, lending, investing and so much more!

  • What is Galaxy Gaming platform?

    Galaxy Gaming offers exciting and rewarding games to our users. A wide variety of games will be offered in our app that is directly connected to the Galaxy wallet, allowing users to freely spend and earn tokens through games.



  • On October 12th, the Wangzhe Chain and Galaxy Coin officially reached a strategic cooperation agreement. On the 18th, the two sides held in-depth discussions and finalized the implementation details.Galaxy Coin is a trusted cryptoasset management wallet dedicated to solving the problems relating to crypto payment, storage and financing in the blockchain industry, enabling people around the world to easily and securely trade, save, and manage money using cryptoassets.
    The first application of the Wangzhe Chain is the "Wang Chariot.” Wangzhe Chain plans to launch a limited edition GC King Chariot as commemoration. Users will be able to obtain this prize through interactive activities and use in the game.
    In the initial stage of cooperation, the Wangzhe Chain will be fully integrated with Galaxy Coin in terms of blockchain technology, and maximize the benefits of brand power by exchanging resources and community. At the same time, Wangzhe Chain will also airdrop a large number of ACET in the GC Wallet App to fans, which will further strengthen the synergy between the two parties and increases the circulation of ACET token.

    Galaxy Wallet Team

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